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Brand Transformation

Bottle Rocket recently completed a new branding project for Texas Title. Our team created a contemporary logo and informative website to present a cohesive brand for their company. View the full site here.

The site was developed with user and client in mind. Intuitive navigation and concise content help convey the Texas Title message. Text updates are a breeze for the client to achieve through the WordPress port.

Contact us today and let Bottle Rocket transform your brand.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Negative Space

Negative space, or “white space”, in layouts can be intimidating. Our natural impulse is to fill that space with something. This article explains why good design utilizes negative space rather than trying to fill it.

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Graphic Design Is Art

With the vast array of companies vying for graphic design work these days, it’s easy to lose site of one basic premise: Art. Good graphic design visually communicates the branding message of your company in an artistic and metaphoric way. This article goes into depth about the connection between art and commerce in Indonesia. These concepts are true around the world.

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Why Hiring a Graphic Designer is Essential for Your Brand

Strong brand identity is an essential element in a successful business. This article highlights key reasons as to why it’s important to hire a professional graphic designer for your logo, web and print work. The right team can help grow your business exponentially.

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“Steak Cake” or #NoFrankensteinDesign

It can be tempting to combine two unique design concepts, in hopes of making an even better concept. The results are rarely tasteful. The Bottle Rocket team put together a fun little video on the topic.



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