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Web design trends of 2015

While the Bottle Rocket team strives for eternal design that transcends trends, it is also important to stay current with new innovations. This article summarizes some of the most popular web design elements so far in 2015.

Flat design – more than just a trend

Bright colors, transparency, simple typography and minimalism are a few of they key aspects of flat design. This article goes into depth about what comprises flat design and why it’s here to stay.

Incorporate video

Effectively incorporating video can add visual dynamics to a website. Video doesn’t have to be a big clip that takes forever to load. Subtle, short clips are often more effective. Here is a good example of video integration.

How is your color vision?

This simple game helps determine how well you perceive color.

RIP Paul Bacon

If you know the poster for Jaws, you know Paul Bacon’s work. He was one of the most influential book cover designers of the 20th century. This article features some of his most well-known work. Although some of it utilizes dated typefaces, the masterful use of negative space and simple, iconic graphics is timeless.

The Importance of Visual Consistency in Web Design

Maintaining visual consistency is one of the most important elements of web design. Simple and familiar-feeling websites get users to stay. This article goes into depth on the many nuances of consistent web design.

Color Inspiration

The importance of color in design cannot be overstated. In fact, research has shown that color can increase brand recognition by up to 80%. This article explores some useful techniques for effectively utilizing color.

The Pitfalls of Spec Work

Occasionally we get a request for spec work. That is, to work up design for a client with no guarantee that your design will be chosen or paid for. This approach is clearly bad for designers for obvious reasons. Spec situations do not breed healthy professional relationships and they can be bad for clients as well. This article goes into depth about the pitfalls of spec work.

The Art of Good Logo Design

There are many elements of good logo design. Conversely, there are many common pitfalls. This articles examines some things to avoid when seeking a new logo design.

Logo Trends

Logo trends change as quickly as Texas weather. Some get tired quickly, some stick around for years. This article lists some of the highlights and lowlights of the past few years.